Lessons For Baby Girl : ASSuming Is Not Cute

I take great pride in knowing when to admit I’m wrong and, boy, was I wrong about Korina.

In my last post, I went on about how Korina had a terrible attitude and how I hoped BabyGirl learns how to lose with grace and dignity.

I just watched the Project Runway Season 13 Reunion Special (I LOVE YOU, TIVO!! Seriously, TiVo is the best friend for all parents with small children) and I have to admit that I was too quick to judge Korina.

Sure, she could’ve handled the situations she was in better. That much is true.

However, I should have realized that what’s shown on TV is edited and there’s more going on that what’s shown to me, the consumer. For example, I didn’t know that Korina tried to apologize to Char repeatedly and that Char was not having any of it.

Once that was revealed in the reunion special, I realized how quick to judge I was and that was wrong of me. I haven’t walked a mile in Korina’s shoes and I am sorry I was so quick with my Trigger Finger Of Judgey Judge.

So, BabyGirl, please learn from your mama’s mistakes. Let’s not jump on the bandwagon in labeling someone as a bad guy until we hear both sides.

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