I’m Ponyo

Clyde and I were watching “Ponyo” at home a few nights ago. Guess who’s idea it was. I’ll give you a clue. It wasn’t his. Guess who’s got an awesome boyfriend because he watched it with me and paid attention. Me! So here’s what else I concluded : – I want magical powers like Ponyo! … Continue reading

Long Distance Convos With The Boyfriend

Clyde loves watching TV shows about food. I recently developed the same addiction. I love Anthony Bourdain (the man is HILARIOUS and such an awesome writer!) and that Man vs. Food dude. I’m dying to know what his numbers look like (triglycerides, blood sugar levels, etc). Apparently, Clyde decided to try one of the challenges … Continue reading

Disney Half Marathon

So this is it. Months of preparation, crazy early morning runs and repeated scares of a possible blackened / falling off toenail has come down to this. It’s race day tomorrow. I was worried the past few days because I was battling back a cold. Thanks to vitamin C bombs, Zinc (and consequently throwing it … Continue reading

What Happens When You Mix My Chinese Family With My Korean Boyfriend

So BigAuntie had a BBQ at her place yesterday and told me to bring Clyde. My dad’s side is Chinese but they’re all obsessed with watching Korean dramas. Actually….my Japanese side is also obsessed with Korean dramas. My Japanese grandma has freaking POSTERS of the Korean drama boys posted on the walls in her home. … Continue reading

Race Virgin No More

I did my first 10K yesterday in Culver City. That means I ran a little over 6 miles. I was feeling pretty good because I thought I had run at least 2 miles….and then I saw the 1 mile marker ahead of me. That’s when I realized I was about to die. By the 2nd … Continue reading

Guilty Daytime TV Pleasures

I like watching Divorce Court. I have no idea why. It’s probably because I can’t believe people like them can get married but gay people can’t. Which comedian was the one who said gay people shouldn’t be denied the same opportunity to be miserable and married like the straight people? x) One episode featured a … Continue reading

Disneyland Fun

Clyde and I decided to go to Disneyland yesterday. Actually, we were supposed to go to Catalina but opted to make it an overnight thing because the ferry times suck on a weekday. We weren’t about to stay home and waste a perfectly AWESOME day so what better way to spend it than at the … Continue reading

You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

The first half of this video kind of reminds me of Tupac’s “I Get Around”. Does no one else think so? I have to say, I like Tupac’s video much better. Anyway, this post is titled “You can teach an old dog new tricks” because I’m contradicting the popular saying. In this case, the “old … Continue reading

Never Thought I’d Say This

Clyde and I had a date night on Saturday. This means we actually had something planned besides him coming over and spending time with me. We usually end up watching a bunch of random movies and going to try new places that Yelp app on his iPhone suggests. Dammit, why can’t the BlackBerry have cool … Continue reading

Super Bowl Sunday Was Super Awesomeness

It should be no surprise that I had an awesome Sunday watching the game with Clyde. It was so much fun! The quick and dirty version of my Legally Blond moments can be found here You know what makes me super sad? You’d think I’d be better at knowing what the hell’s going on in … Continue reading