Cookie Monster

I don’t know why this song makes me want to go into the kitchen and make something to eat. I think it’s all the references to sugar and candy and stuff. I love to cook. Some people eat to live. I live to eat. That’s because I have Barney the Tapeworm to think about. You … Continue reading

I Ain’t Too Proud To Beg

I am totally diggin on this song right now. Who knew I’d like mellow-ish sounding songs? I usually gravitate towards darker sounds….but this is nice. I like the lyrics. Omfg…a song with lyrics that doesn’t involve people I don’t give a shit about telling me about their ride or how they’d like to *bleep* all … Continue reading

What A Difference A Day Makes

This song is very special to me and not just because I think it’s orgasmic for my ears. This has got to be one of the craziest starts to any year I can remember. It’s definitely been full of firsts. If there’s anything I know about myself, it is that I never forget them. I … Continue reading

Trolling Through Facebook

I am loving this song. It’s on endless repeat right now. My friend Dennis wrote about the top reasons why guys use Facebook to hunt for girls. Before I get into my response to that, I’m going to explain why I started thinking about this again. So with the new privacy (or lack thereof) settings … Continue reading

Rules Of Dating

I picked this video because of the lyrics “I don’t want to be friends” and “caught in a bad romance”. Mmm hmmm. If someone not only has caught my eye but also managed to get a kung fu grip on my attention and daydreams, then I’m about as subtle as a mack truck/bull dozer barreling … Continue reading

Do It Like They Do On The Discovery Channel

Anybody remember this song? Cracks me up every single time and that’s precisely my point. IT. MAKES. ME. LAUGH. It does not make me want to jump your bones. That is, unless you’re someone I’ve been dating for a long time because you know how to make me laugh when you do a monkey dance … Continue reading

The First Man Who Loved Me :: How The Story Ended

I love this song. I love this video. * dreamy sigh * I want this. You’re gonna have to read this if you want to understand the rest of this story. Go on. I’ll wait. So I was pretty scared and pretty nervous the rest of that day. I didn’t know what to think because … Continue reading

The First Boy Who Loved Me

Omg…does nobody remember these from back in the day? What’s sad is that I used to look like that (minus the Pochacco thing). From what I understand, the boy in this post probably looked like this cartoon boy. ^^ I don’t know why I started thinking about him again but I’ve noticed a trend. Every … Continue reading

My Mom’s Kung Fu Fighting In A Buddhist Temple

Yeah….this is the song I have in mind whenever I think of this story about my mom. It’s fantastic. MY MOM WAS KUUUUNG FU FIIIGGGHHTTTING!!! HAAAH!! WU CHOP! Sort of. So I wrote about how my mom thinks I need divine intervention in terms of relationship help. Well, now on to Part Two of the … Continue reading

My Mom Thinks I Need Help

My mom is hilarious. I think she temporarily gave up on getting me to give her a grand baby via the unconventional way. As in, she’s given up trying to talk me into being a single mother by storming and pillaging the sperm banks. Perhaps OctoMom kind of put things in perspective for her. God, … Continue reading