Magic Smoothie Of Awesomeness

I put in one banana, one mango, a fistful of chopped pineapples, a handful of strawberries, milk and A GIANT TABLESPOON OF COCONUT OIL. This is so tasty.  If you don’t like coconuts, never fear.  It’s not a very pronounced, in-your-face taste.  It’s very subtle and mellow.  The overall effect is a light, tropical flavor. … Continue reading

Mega Millions – I WIN!!!

What would you do if you won tonight’s Mega Millions jackpot? I know what I would do.

Shaggy Doggy

I remind myself of the doggy from “The Little Mermaid” right now. I am so happy to be getting a trim.

Testing Testing

What To Do If You’re Going To Tahiti

Clyde and I just came back from our honeymoon. We were lucky enough to visit Bora Bora and Moorea. Those 7 days were the most amazing days I’ve had so far. I lived in Hawaii and, as beautiful Hawaii is, Tahiti truly is something else. It is completely otherworldly. It’s remote. It’s beautiful. I couldn’t … Continue reading

My Chinese New Year Dinner At Home

Happy Chinese / Lunar New Year!!! It’s the year of the Water Dragon / Black Dragon. That means there’s gonna be ton of Asian babies born this year. Stop looking at me that way. Two years ago, also on Chinese New Year, Clyde met my family for the first time as my new boyfriend. We … Continue reading

I’m Alive

Hello! I’m alive! I’m also married now. Happy New Year!! And Happy Chinese / Lunar New Year!! 2012 is the year of the Water Dragon. Can’t wait! For all you brides out there currently planning your wedding, you feel like the wedding date is that tiny spot of light way out yonder in the distance. … Continue reading

September 11….Never Forget

10 years ago, I watched the Twin Towers fall on my tv. I was huddled in my bed with all the blankets drawn up around me. It didn’t matter that the day grew to be warm because I felt chilled in my core. I walked past Ground Zero a few years later when I visited … Continue reading

Proud Navy Sister

This past weekend, I went to Chicago with my sister and my baby brother’s girlfriend. Actually, we weren’t technically in Chicago but somewhere called Waukegan, IL. I’ve been saving and saving for this trip and would not miss it for the world because my little man graduated from Navy boot camp!! That’s quite an accomplishment. … Continue reading


First, there was Friendster and it was good. Anybody remember Friendster? It was like high school all over again which is good for me because I wasn’t the coolest person in high school. Being in Marching Band as color guard AND being in JROTC tended to kill my ranking on the social ladder in high … Continue reading