I Love Vacation. My Waistline Does Not.

I love vacation.  I love Tahiti.  Alas, rich French foods all day everyday for 7 days + minimal activity + 4 days of Vegas over indulgence = an unwanted additional 15 pounds. * By “minimal activity”, I mean besides lifting my wine glass to my lips, pointing to random fish/clams and announcing their presence to … Continue reading

It’s Official. I’m Addicted.

Now that my marathon cherry has been popped at the Happiest Place On Earth, I realized a few things. 1. I still have a hard time believing I accomplished this. 2. My leaden legs and screaming muscles remind me that I did. 3. I repeatedly catch myself telling Clyde things like “So next year when … Continue reading

Disney Half Marathon

So this is it. Months of preparation, crazy early morning runs and repeated scares of a possible blackened / falling off toenail has come down to this. It’s race day tomorrow. I was worried the past few days because I was battling back a cold. Thanks to vitamin C bombs, Zinc (and consequently throwing it … Continue reading

See Bonnie. See Bonnie Run.

Lance-A-Lot, this is for you. So in a previous post, I talked about how I registered and completed a 10k for the first time in my life. Lance asked a few questions which I will address now. 1. Running Machine I should point out first and foremost that I don’t run consecutive miles. Hell to … Continue reading

Race Virgin No More

I did my first 10K yesterday in Culver City. That means I ran a little over 6 miles. I was feeling pretty good because I thought I had run at least 2 miles….and then I saw the 1 mile marker ahead of me. That’s when I realized I was about to die. By the 2nd … Continue reading

Suited Up And Ready To Go. Sort Of.

Went to Pilates today and told Tomono that I’m doing a half marathon. She’s super excited for me and decides this means she’s going to crank up the amount of pain I get to be in. I did things on Big Scary Thing, Small Scary Thing and Mini Scary Thing that I didn’t know you … Continue reading

Soon To Be Virgin No More

I’ve never done a marathon before in my life…that is, unless you count hours spent sprawled on my couch watching "Lost", "True Blood", "Glee", "Hellsing", "Claymore" or other anime / Asian Dramas. Those are like marathons too….except the most physically taxing things I did during those hours include lifting the remote and speed dialing Pizza … Continue reading