Green Lantern Movie Review

What does Green Lantern and Transformers : The Movie from 1986 have in common? At first glance, I would say “nothing” when, in actuality, it’s definitely “more than meets the eye”. Click to see the full review.

Mark Salling / Puck Is So Hot

Last night was spent at Xomad’s little get-together at Eva Longeria-Parker’s Beso Restaurant and Kiss Lounge. I had so much fun. Why? BECAUSE PUCK HIGH FIVED ME! Oh yeah. The food was great, the blackberry theme drinks were SOO GOOD and I had a great time. Helloooooo, Puck, you naughty singing high school pool boy. … Continue reading

Ready Or Not!! Comic Con 2010, Here I Come!!

Guess who’s going to Comic Con again? Yup, that’s right. YouBentMyWookie is sending me off again. I can’t wait. Pressing questions on my mind : To Do Be Or Not To Be? Do I dress up or not? I didn’t put much thought into costumes this year because last year was just mind boggling. I … Continue reading


So I saw on YouBentMyWookie yesterday this awesome Mortal Kombat clip. God, I hope Warner Bros buys it. This crazy dark, bloody, gory, epic dark remake is soooo right up my alley. Jeri Ryan is hawt. I loved her as Seven Of Nine…and now she’s Sonya Blade. Nice. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Ray Park … Continue reading

Disneyland + Comic Con = OMFG

So I see this via MissCG’s Twitter. Could Comic-Con Move To Anaheim? Yup. PRESS. Dude, weird how that one little world opens so many doors. Just like magic! Hm….wow….that would be interesting. Anaheim’s already pretty used to people dressing up in costumes all day long singing stuff like “A WHOOOOLE NEEEWWWW WOOOORRRLLLLD” so what’s a … Continue reading

Never Thought I’d Say This

Clyde and I had a date night on Saturday. This means we actually had something planned besides him coming over and spending time with me. We usually end up watching a bunch of random movies and going to try new places that Yelp app on his iPhone suggests. Dammit, why can’t the BlackBerry have cool … Continue reading

Super Bowl Sunday Was Super Awesomeness

It should be no surprise that I had an awesome Sunday watching the game with Clyde. It was so much fun! The quick and dirty version of my Legally Blond moments can be found here You know what makes me super sad? You’d think I’d be better at knowing what the hell’s going on in … Continue reading


Angel with black wings. Angel with guns. Doomsday scenario. Please, someone (anyone), tell me what’s not to like? Damn, there are a TON of movies I’m gonna be watching this upcoming year. First, it’s gonna be “Legion” with Paul Bettany. If you read this handy dandy piece, it’ll explain a lot about the rest of … Continue reading

Fe Man 2. That’s Iron Man 2, Guys.

Helllooooooo, Tony Stark. Mmm Mmm good… In case no one understood the title of this post, thought I was speaking in some kind of weird language and/or forgot their Periodic Table Of elements, Fe = Iron. Chemistry 101 class dismissed. I came home feeling like death warmed over but immediately came back to life (just … Continue reading


So. Hot. * drool * OMFG!!! OMFG OMFG OOOMMMFFFGGG!!! I reviewed “Ninja Assassin” for YouBentMyWookie and left it at that. You know what’s really crazy? I actually had a dream this morning that I was going to find my review on this site’s list again. I woke up, checked and was a little sad to … Continue reading