If You Must Know More

Ask and you shall receive…for the most part.

Since some of you have asked, then I will answer. This was taken from an AIM convo and all names have been deleted to protect the not-so-innocent. *laugh*

How did you get your name?

My friend PattiCake and I were at work one day and we all have really weird nicknames for each other.  Everyone and their mothers call me “Bon Bon” because my name is Bonnie but PattiCake wasn’t having any of that.  One day, out of nowhere and probably fueled by enough caffeine to jump start an entire nation of the zombified, she comes tearing out of nowhere, jumps in my face and screams “I GOT A NAME FOR YOU!!!”

After I remembered how to breathe and my heart started to beat again, she tells me my new name is Bonnified because my name is Bonnie and she thinks I’m the embodiment of the word “bonafide”.  I ❤ her.

Oh…you have really long answers.

Oh…sorry. Um…you have really long answers, huh?
That’s better. And yes, I tend to go off on tangents every now and then.

You said you’re part Chinese. What’s the other part?

Oh…so you’re Korean?
…no, moron. I’m Chinese/Japanese.

Hehehe, but geographically speaking, China + Japan = Korea.

But since you insist on clarification, then I will explain.

I’m Chinese / Japanese.  If you trace my father’s side, we go waaaaay back to this one emperor and his brother went to Korea for reasons I don’t know and kind of forgot.  The brother fell in love and started a family there so I have Korean cousins.  I didn’t know this until fairly recently when I was still a bartender.  I’ll tell that story another day.

I’ve been told I don’t look Chinese or Japanese.  Usually, only the Korean people come up to me and talk to me because I look Korean.  This explains why 90% of my friends are Korean and why they’ve adopted me and turned me into an honorary Korean.  I then get to tell this story all over again.  It never gets old.  🙂  It’s like I get to be Ninja.Fu master all day, every day.  I love it.  I’m so going to learn Korean now.

How tall are you?

Damn! And you’re full Asian?! You’re a freak!
Shut up, little man, before this freak opens a can of whoop ass on you.

So…if you’re Bonnie, can I be your Clyde? Hehehe
Psh…please. That’s so not original, lame-o. However, you may take a number, an application and stand in line. If you’re lucky, I just might get to it sometime in your current life time. 😀

Actually, I’m not taking applications anymore because of the position of Clyde has been filled and he is a most awesome man.

I also see that you travel a lot in general. How do you do that and work?!
Easy. I get on a plane, go where I gotta go and make sure I get off the plane before I have to clock in. Duh.

…you’re such a smart ass…
I’d rather be a smart ass than a dumb ass any day. Wouldn’t you?

I noticed that you write a lot.
Yeah, I do. I haven’t quite figured out if that’s good or bad. But then again, I don’t really care because I like to write and keep track of all the weird and wacky things that go on through my head.

So do you make up most of the stuff that you write about or are they based upon what’s going on in your life?
Over the past 10 years of blogging, I’ve come to the definitive conclusion that fact is always stranger than fiction.

I used to visit you at your bar and you always looked so serious! Are you always so serious?
Yes. Sometimes. Not really. No. If I didn’t like you, then I look like that. But if I’m fond of you, then I am the biggest dork you will ever have the pleasure (or displeasure…hahahaha!) of knowing. *grin*

Which is it?! Yes, you were happy to see me or no, you weren’t? Can’t you make up your mind?!
Yes. No. Yes. Maybe. I don’t know. *laugh*  That was so long ago!  I can’t remember that far back so you might as well just get over it.

So are you still in school?
Nope. I have since graduated…thank the powers that be.

What was your major?

Whoa! That makes you not one but TWO kinds of nurses!
Yeah yeah yeah…I was a bar “nurse” and now I’m a “nurse” nurse. *laugh*

Damn…so what else are you (besides being abnormally tall and “korean” hehehe)?
That’s it. Interview over.

What?! No! I’m sorry!!! I just want to get to know you better.
There’s nothing more I can say because I can only be experienced. Haa haa haa!

*all names have been deleted to protect the retards who asked these questions*

4 Responses to “If You Must Know More”
  1. tsonoda148 says:

    Lady, I like how you think………or at least, how you write about how you think.

  2. Miss Bonnified says:

    I think you misspelled something. It’s KUNG fu.

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