Adventures In Wedding Planning – What’s Your Budget?

Hey, Lovebirds! Now that you’ve showed off that beautiful ring to anyone and everyone, it’s time to come back to reality. Weddings are expensive. Let me just get out that there from the get-go. You’re going to be forking over a ton of money for ONE DAY’S REVELRY. It’s up to you how you want … Continue reading

Adventures In Wedding Planning – What We Got For Our Money

Hey Budget Brides! A lot of people I know are getting married soon and have asked me how we managed to pull off our wedding (we paid for it ourselves with no outside help). Our initial budget was $18,000.00 but, in reality, we spent just under $27,000.00. Sounds like a lot, right? Here’s what we … Continue reading

Twist on Bob Harper’s Green Drink

I think his recipe is for more advanced health nuts. I’m more of a beginner. Therefore, I’ve modified it a bit. I put two cups of kale, 1 cup pineapple, 1/2 orange, 1/2 cup strawberries, 1 tsp maca powder and a tbsp of coconut oil and almond milk. This is what it looks like. It’s … Continue reading

My First Attempt At Bob Harper’s Green Drink

I love Naked Juice’s Green Machine. I found Bob Harper’s recipe for the Green Drink. I somehow thought they were one and the same so I eagerly tried it at home.

Bamboo….In My Soap?

It’s about that time again when I review a product I’m trying out. More details later. For now….take a look at the SOAP!! Pretty neat, huh?

Magic Smoothie Of Awesomeness

I put in one banana, one mango, a fistful of chopped pineapples, a handful of strawberries, milk and A GIANT TABLESPOON OF COCONUT OIL. This is so tasty.  If you don’t like coconuts, never fear.  It’s not a very pronounced, in-your-face taste.  It’s very subtle and mellow.  The overall effect is a light, tropical flavor. … Continue reading

Coconut Oil = Weight Control + Natural Source Of Energy?

So by now you people should know the following : I gained 15 (FIFTEEN) fucking pounds during my 4 week vacation / honeymoon / pig out session with my new husband. I am barely able to resist pizza, buffalo wings and/or fried chicken. Heaven help me if all three are right in front of my … Continue reading

Mega Millions – I WIN!!!

What would you do if you won tonight’s Mega Millions jackpot? I know what I would do.

Shaggy Doggy

I remind myself of the doggy from “The Little Mermaid” right now. I am so happy to be getting a trim.

I Love Vacation. My Waistline Does Not.

I love vacation.  I love Tahiti.  Alas, rich French foods all day everyday for 7 days + minimal activity + 4 days of Vegas over indulgence = an unwanted additional 15 pounds. * By “minimal activity”, I mean besides lifting my wine glass to my lips, pointing to random fish/clams and announcing their presence to … Continue reading