Adventures In Wedding Planning : Rain Rain, Go Away!

We were supposed to take our engagement photos today. Sadly, the weather didn’t get the memo and decided to rain instead. Oh well….we need the rain so I can’t be that sad. Not exactly the look we were going for, you know? What saved the day for me is a convo my girlfriends and I … Continue reading

Adventures In Wedding Planning :: Photo Session Time

We’re taking our engagement photos soon. This makes me nervous because I’m not exactly what you would call “a natural” in front of the camera. I’m pretty much a dork. Strangely, it was this trait that led me to get a gig for a TV show almost 10 years ago. The show never took off … Continue reading

Adventures In Wedding Planning : The Nightmare

I finally got to see Clyde after over a week yesterday. Dude, that was just way too much time away from my man. I don’t like it. 😦 He knows it too because he told his boss that he has to come visit me otherwise I’ll feel neglected and not talk to him for a … Continue reading