Adventures In Wedding Planning – What To Serve At Your Wedding

Hey Lovebirds! Still hanging in there? Great! So now that you’ve got the Big Three taken care of, you should figure out what you’re going to serve at the wedding. This includes food and beverages during the cocktail hour and dinner. Soda, water, coffee and tea are usually served during dinner and is included in … Continue reading

Adventures In Wedding Planning – Location Location Location

So now that you’ve got your budget and a date, up next is the Location!!! This kind of goes hand in hand with your caterer since most venues have a specific caterer they use. When shopping for real estate, the old adage is “location, Location, LOCATION”! The same is true for wedding ceremony and reception … Continue reading

Adventures In Wedding Planning :: Tales Of The Budget Bride

This week, I got to catch up with a girlfriend who I haven’t seen in quite some time. She just got engaged so it was AWESOME getting to catch up with her and have a sister I’m-Getting-Married friend to chat with. When I say “chat with”, what I really meant to say was “go crazy … Continue reading