2000 – 2009, The End Of A Decade

What the hell….how is it possible that the sun’s about to set on the last day of 2009?! Didn’t the year just begin?! I was just partying it up at Hobbes’s house with Calvin, Mr.Hobbes, Mwuajeee and Osturtle. Where did all the time go? Now that I think about it, where did the first decade … Continue reading

You Spin Me Right Round, Baby.

There is something so hot about a man in a dress shirt and a wife beater underneath. …. * drool * …and tattoos….omfg, tattoos…and if he can rock a baseball cap…and GLASSES!!! Wow, getting hot in here. Okay, I’m back from La La Land now. I swear. Wait, I hope you people aren’t thinking I … Continue reading