So I saw on YouBentMyWookie yesterday this awesome Mortal Kombat clip. God, I hope Warner Bros buys it. This crazy dark, bloody, gory, epic dark remake is soooo right up my alley. Jeri Ryan is hawt. I loved her as Seven Of Nine…and now she’s Sonya Blade. Nice. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Ray Park … Continue reading

Disneyland + Comic Con = OMFG

So I see this via MissCG’s Twitter. Could Comic-Con Move To Anaheim? Yup. PRESS. Dude, weird how that one little world opens so many doors. Just like magic! Hm….wow….that would be interesting. Anaheim’s already pretty used to people dressing up in costumes all day long singing stuff like “A WHOOOOLE NEEEWWWW WOOOORRRLLLLD” so what’s a … Continue reading