Follow The Rules Of Kindergarten And No One Gets Hurt

My current chiropractor likes to ask me how the wedding planning is going. He’s married himself and likes to tell me about his wife. The man is head over heels and that warms my heart. As he’s cracking my back and popping my bones back into place this morning, he asks me the question it … Continue reading

Adventures In Wedding Planning :: Boys Boys Boys

I am so cracked out on coffee. This means it’s the best time to update with how wedding planning is going. I have no idea why this makes sense to me right now. It just does. Okay! On with the show! So Clyde keeps telling me about how all his guy friends are so excited … Continue reading

You Can Call Me

Tweet :: Call Me. I can’t think of a better song than this one to go with this post. It’s Friday night. My girlfriends want to go out so it’s on for Girls Night Out. There were 8 of us. To hear Z put it, we were more like a mobile army of girls. Yeah…I … Continue reading