Bachelorette Party In Vegas

Who Da Funk :: Shiny Disco Balls This has always been the song I think of whenever I’m about to go to Vegas. I don’t know why. Wait, maybe it has something to do with the lyrics. Let’s take a look. Drugs No, thanks…unless, if by “drugs”, you mean the aspirin I’ll be popping while … Continue reading


Dammit, I’m back in Vegas but I can’t find a place to watch the fight for less than $55. So suck. Oh well…I wonder if this is some super sneaky way to lure me to the tables. I have no idea but I think it’s gonna be hard to convince 3 other girls to fork … Continue reading

It’s Never Just Dinner – The Vegas Edition

It started off innocently enough and that, in and of itself, should’ve set all the warning bells off in apoplectic fashion. You see, with my friends, it’s never Ever EVER “just dinner” or “just hang out for an hour”. Never. That’s usually code for “we’re going balls out and if we go down, we do … Continue reading


Most people think of Frank Sinatra when they hear the words “Las Vegas”.  The lyrics to “Luck Be A Lady” floats through my head….after this song has finished thrashing around in my mind.  This song’s almost like a checklist to what most people consider necessities in Vegas. Drugs. :: Yeah…I don’t do drugs unless they … Continue reading