Going Vegetarian In September

Every year, I stop eating meat for 3 weeks in September.  I lost 3 out of 4 grandparents in September and I miss them a lot.  I dedicate 1 week to each grandparent and I stick to the following rules :

  1. No meat for 5 days out of the week.  This includes seafood.  Basically, if it has a face, I won’t eat it for 5 days out of the 7.
  2. In case you’re wondering what happens during the remaining days of the week, I will eat meat.  This is so that I don’t throw up once I start eating meat again.  That kind of tells you something about the quality of meat sold in supermarkets.  More on this later.
  3. Milk, eggs, cheese and yogurt are fair game.

When my grandparents passed away, I stopped eating all kinds of meat / seafood for 49 days in accordance with our religious beliefs (we’re Buddhist).  The first 2 weeks were the hardest because I had to adjust to not being able to eat whatever I wanted.  The last two weeks were also hard because I knew there were only a few days left standing between me and animal / crustacean / fish flesh again.

I also noticed that all the commercials you see on TV are very meat focused.  I never saw a commercial for Morningstar veggie burgers or Gardein’s delicious line of vegetarian meals.  Nope.  All I saw were commercials for Jack-In-The-Box, Carl’s Junior, Burger King, etc.  Meat was everywhere and it drove me absolutely crazy.  I would salivate while my eyes were glued to people enjoying foods I couldn’t due to my religion.

Commercials like this one would torment me.
Not because she’s hot. It’s because of the juicy meat she holds in her hands.

Again. Another pr0n like depiction of meat and meat eaters.
The steamy girl-on-girl action isn’t what I’m focused on.
It’s the glistening pulled pork and tender burger that I can’t tear my eyes away from.

But here’s something funny I noticed when I went meat-less.  My skin cleared up and looked fantastic.  I lost a lot of fat and slimmed down considerably.  My hair and nails looked healthier and I felt a lot better.  I wasn’t taking vitamins or exercising at all during this time.  If anything, I was eating a lot of cheese (from cheese pizzas.  So bad….but so good!!) and had pizza once every two weeks or so.

When I was finally able to start eating meat again, I would nearly immediately throw up.  My body wasn’t used to digesting it any more and launched an full scale assault.  I don’t have bulimic tendencies nor do I have issues with food.  I just couldn’t handle meat.

This went on for about 6 months.  By the time I was finally used to eating meat (and not promptly regurgitating it), I lost my grandmother and did another 49 days without meat.  Once again, I would start vomiting after eating meat and, again, it would go on for about 6 months.

Kind of tells you about the meat we’re putting into our bodies.

Next time, I’ll be reviewing the various no-meat meals I’ve been eating.

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