HAA HAA HAA! I Love To Laugh

My friend’s been making me laugh since the day he randomly started chatting me up on friggin Friendster. He was so funny, I made my date take me to this comedy show where he had a show on Fridays.

Dude…the days of Friendster… Yeah. Remember that? Friendster is to social networking like a cassette tape is to music delivery. I would’ve said 8-track but that’s more like….Asian Ave or something.

….omfg…..Asian Ave….back in the day when my pants were so baggy they were in danger of falling off my scrawny hips, my shirts were bought in the Junior’s section and then shrunk on purpose at home, my pager the size of my garage door opener was tricked out and could glow in the dark.

In those days, 7491179 71153 7415 not only made perfect sense to me but I could do it in my sleep. TyPiNg LyKe mY FiNgErS aRe sEiZiNg oN mE also made perfect sense. What’s scary is how fast I was able to do it before. ….I had way too much time on my hands in those days.

Back to the matter at hand. My friend. You guys might know him. His name is Paul PK Kim and he cracks my ass up. I took my little brother, Zoolander (he’s actually technically my cousin but who’s keeping score? I also call him Zoolander because he was a model in Asia. I’m proud of him but it was kind of sick seeing all his photos…like the ones where he’s half naked….that’s just gross, dude…) to see one of PK’s shows and he nearly died laughing.

This guy’s got a vision and he isn’t afraid to see it come true. I’ve always been a fan and I’m proud to call him a friend.

I have no idea what goes on through his head to make him think of and do stuff like this but, hey, it works and he cracks me up. Sweet. 😀

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