Adventures In Wedding Planning : Stressed. Out.

The full impact of the words “I’M GETTIN’ MARRIED” has smacked me not only upside the head but across the ass as well. I had no idea planning for this event is so….so….what’s the word for “sucks out all remaining energy from my body and soul”?

Somebody also please explain to me why most vendors (PK, you are the only person exempt from this rant) JACK UP THE PRICES TO WHAT SHOULD BE CONSIDERED ILLEGAL IN ALL 50 STATES the minute they hear the words “Hi! My name is NaiveBride and I’m getting married. Please tell me how much your services cost.”

Yeah…this is the sign I’m hoping isn’t flashing above my head.

Normally, the bride and/or the groom’s family will either foot the bill or they’ll contribute. Not so in my case. My family can’t afford to. That’s fine with me because I just want their asses there to see MY ASS get married. This means I’m on a literal mission to see every single way I can cut corners and save $$$.

I’ve already identified the flowers as a starting point. Dude. No one’s gonna remember my friggin’ flowers 10 years later. Most likely, I won’t either. Therefore, I’m looking to get away with as little as possible but still have the ceremony / tables look pretty. I’ve already figured out how to do the centerpiece myself….with my best friend, Tak Oh, and his help of course. He just doesn’t know I’m gonna ask him yet. Haa haa haa!

Another area in which I’m hoping to score? THE PHOTOGRAPHY!!!! There’s this studio I’ve been going to for the last 6 years. Every family picture and graduation picture have been taken by him. He quoted me a pretty sweet deal already but I’m going to see if I can talk him down some more since I’m getting married in what’s traditionally THE MOST UNPOPULAR MONTH for weddings. Ask me if I care that our chosen month is unpopular. I totally don’t because it only means more wiggle room to bargain!

So why am I stressed out? My beloved Clyde is good at many things (diagnosing problems with my computer/phone/all things electronic, fixing stuff around the house, making me laugh, making me feel like I’m the only girl in the world <- Rihanna's words, not mine) but he told me he isn't too good at bargaining.

This isn’t a good look for me.
Actually, this isn’t a good look for anybody.

This is where my Chinese side shines. I have no problems bargaining down. I’m not rude about asking for a better deal (my momma taught me good manners) but I’m also not afraid to ask.

So today is the only day I have off from work. Because I’m not expecting financial help from my family, I’m working a shitload of overtime to help pay for my wedding. On this only day off, I’m about to go take a look at my first venue.

The adventure has begun! All I need now is an Indiana Jones hat to make me feel completely in adventurer mode.

One Response to “Adventures In Wedding Planning : Stressed. Out.”
  1. cathy says:

    If you do get flowers at least for u and ur bridesmaids bouquets, u can pull them together urself and hit the Flower Market downtown for good prices. If u have a florists do them for u, they literally buttrape u. It’s ridiculous.

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