Coconut Oil = Weight Control + Natural Source Of Energy?

So by now you people should know the following :

  • I gained 15 (FIFTEEN) fucking pounds during my 4 week vacation / honeymoon / pig out session with my new husband.
  • I am barely able to resist pizza, buffalo wings and/or fried chicken. Heaven help me if all three are right in front of my face because they will never see the light of day again.
  • I will eat till I literally get sick to my stomach and then I have to lie down.

Since I’ve come back to reality, I realized my clothes fit….but barely. This does not work for my super vain ass. Nope.

I’ve gotten back on track with my daily eating habits (as in, pizza no longer features predominately on my daily menu) and have gone back to work. Back in the hospital as a nurse means I clock in an average of 3 miles of day walking around and taking care of bizness.

While that’s helped, I’m looking for more of a kick in the ass to really get this shit melted off my body. I’m vain. I also don’t want health problems when I’m old.

In addition to getting reacquainted with Shakeology and getting on a exercise schedule again, Clyde and I got a blender. Hell, yes. It is on like Donkey Kong.

But how can I make the most of my blender? That’s where this crazy chick, Jenna Marbles, comes in. I was stalking reading her blog when I came across this post about coconut oil.

I love coconut water. I like snacking on fresh coconut meat. I am a freak about ALMOND JOY AND MOUNDS because of the insanely sugary coconut shreds. But I was clueless about coconut oil. I know Nicole Scherzinger likes to use the oil as a moisturizer and hair treatment….but ingesting it? That’s weird….until I read Jenna Marble’s post.

What’s this about a natural source of energy? And did she say something about WEIGHT CONTROL?! Sold. I ran, not walked, to the nearest Whole Foods store and bought a jar of this unicorn magic goodness.

This is the jar I bought. Getting that tamper resistant lid off was a bitch.
This stuff smells like delicious, tropical awesomeness.

Call me strange but the smell was intoxicating. The next thing I knew, I had eaten some of the solid state oil….and it was surprisingly pretty tasty. It wasn’t too bad. It tasted like….like…paradise. Not everyone likes the taste of oil….or coconut….or coconut oil but I liked it. It tasted like a super greasy piece of coconut which would make sense because it’s COCONUT oil.

So here’s the plan today. I’m going to shove a couple cubes of ice, a banana, a mango, some organic strawberries, pineapples, ground chia seeds, ground flax seeds, milk + a giant tablespoon of this insanity into my brand spanking new blender and drink the resulting magic for breakfast.

When I get the Tropical Strawberry Shakeology in my hot little hands, I’m going to toss a packet of that in with this too.

I can’t wait. I want to eat more coconut oil.

2 Responses to “Coconut Oil = Weight Control + Natural Source Of Energy?”
  1. lisa says:

    I love coconut too! I would buy huge Almond Joy boxes at Costco and eat 2 everyday. Very bad. I didn’t like it when I was growing up but grew to love it. I love to eat things with different texture and coconut intrigues my palette. Just like ginger jelly candies and Laffy Taffy’s.

    Weight control with coconut oil? I’m in! Let me know how it works out for you. : )

    • Miss Bonnified says:

      Wow….now I’m glad I don’t go to Costco that often or else I would’ve done what you did!

      So far, the coconut oil is working out pretty well! I’m not as hungry, I don’t drink as much coffee, I feel like I’m slimmer (could all just be in my head) and it tastes pretty yummy. Will keep you posted!

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