Slim Fast vs Beach Body’s Shakeology

In my last post, I explored why I would not do the Master Cleanse (aka The Lemonade Diet) and why I can’t go down the road of juicing.

That leaves me with the options of using meal replacements and established juice cleanses.

I’m going to be focusing on meal replacements in this post.

By the way, in case you’re wondering why I’m not reviewing things like gourmet, healthy meal deliveries, it’s because they cost a lot and I’m not getting sponsored by them to try them out. 😀

SunFare, Freshology, Zen Foods and Bistro MD – I’m more than happy to try your meals and give a day-by-day review and honest comparison!


Hey, if you don’t put it out there, you won’t get it, right? It never hurts to ask. 😉

Without further ado, Slim Fast versus Beach Body!

Slim Fast


I’ve tried Slim Fast shakes and powders. The shakes come in the cans are pretty convenient but I hated knowing that I’m adding to the landfill issue. Yes, we could recycle and yes, we could make a better effort but we don’t. I’m not going to lie.

There are also a bunch of flavors so you don’t get tired of drinking the same thing day after day after day.

They also have bars that are pretty tasty. Yum yum!


All those cans take up quite a bit of space in our small apartment. That doesn’t work for either Clyde or myself.

I solved the landfill headache and storage problem by buying the giant tubs of mix-it-yourself powders. Sure, it’s not as convenient but whatever. It still does the job.


While effective in curbing my appetite, I have found a better alternative.

Rather, Clyde was the one who found it. He’s done P90X a few times (and is even in the commercials for 1 second. Blink and you’ll miss him!), completed Insanity and is starting on P90X2. Crazy. I get tired just watching him.

Beach Body Shakeology

image from

From the Beach Body website, here’s a blurb about it :

Shakeology uses a proprietary blend of digestive enzymes and prebiotics to gently and efficiently eliminate toxins. Then a combination of antioxidants, phytonutrients, adaptogens, and many other rare ingredients gives your body the essential nutrients you can’t get from an ordinary diet. You get a salad bowl’s worth of fruits and vegetables in a single glass.*

There are 2 flavors – Chocolate or Greenberry.


I’ve tried both and like them both.

Chocolate – I love this one. I think it tastes pretty good when mixed with nonfat milk. I also like adding coffee to it and turning it into a Mocha Meal On The Go. Clyde thinks it tastes like mud. Then again, he mixes his Shakeology packets with water.

GreenBerry – the best way I can explain it is that it tastes exactly like the name suggests…both “green” and like berries. I also mix this with nonfat milk instead of water. It’s pretty good but I can’t imagine it will taste good if I were to mix it with coffee for my morning meal. No thanks.

This stuff is NO JOKE!!! I don’t know if it’s the proprietary mix of greens, super fruits, Pre- AND Probiotics and/or digestive enzyme blends but something in this stuff takes care of my * ahem * digestive issues.

I also feel full for anywhere from 3 – 4 hours and noticed that I stopped wanting to eat pizza, Doritos and all the other tasty-but-horrible-for-you foods that I usually want to eat.

I really like that I only have to replace one meal a day and not two. It makes me feel less like I’m being regulated and more like I’m making a healthy choice for one meal out of the day.


These babies are not cheap. Clyde is the one buys them but I think we averaged out the cost to $4.something per packet.

However, while these aren’t exactly cheap, it’s pretty affordable when you consider the following :

  • This is supposed to take place of one meal so $4.something is actually pretty cheap for a meal.
  • When you look at the ingredients list and realize ALL that you’re getting for $4.something per packet, it starts looking like a pretty good deal.


I think this is something I will do once I come off of a cleanse. I don’t consider either of these “cleanses” because it’s more like a meal replacement plan.

The winner of the battle? By way of Meal Replacement TKO – Beach Body’s Shakeology.

Up next, I’ll be looking at various juice cleanses I’m willing to try.

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