Moving Day (aka I Can’t Believe He Still Wanted To Be My Boyfriend)

So it’s no secret I think Clyde is my hero because he comes swooping down to save me when something goes awry with my car. Oh! Guess what? I got my AAA card in the mail! Hooray! Of course, he still said “But you should call me first” before he went into a lecture about … Continue reading

Follow The Rules Of Kindergarten And No One Gets Hurt

My current chiropractor likes to ask me how the wedding planning is going. He’s married himself and likes to tell me about his wife. The man is head over heels and that warms my heart. As he’s cracking my back and popping my bones back into place this morning, he asks me the question it … Continue reading

Here I Come To Save The Day!!!

Clyde doesn’t feel good. 😦 Poor thing…. Lucky for him, I happen to be a Registered Nerd! I dusted off my nursing skills and promptly went to work. He got himself into bed and I went out to forage for meds and food. In the end, I brought home some Healthy Choices chicken noodle soup, … Continue reading

A Year’s Worth – 2010

Dear 2010, Holy Cheesus, what a year. Let’s see…where do I begin…I guess the beginning would be a good place, huh? 1. I went on a date with a man who I’ve never met but has seen him around the Interwebs for years. 2. I went on a few more dates with this man. 3. … Continue reading

Adventures In Wedding Planning : Stressed. Out.

The full impact of the words “I’M GETTIN’ MARRIED” has smacked me not only upside the head but across the ass as well. I had no idea planning for this event is so….so….what’s the word for “sucks out all remaining energy from my body and soul”? Somebody also please explain to me why most vendors … Continue reading

Adventure In Wedding Planning : Budget Reality

So Clyde and I are getting married!! Yee haw!!!! …I don’t know why my inner cowgirl came out but she did. I’m excited every single time I tell myself “I am Mrs. Clyde”. I also take every opportunity to tell that to Clyde. He smiles every time. I probably sound like a parrot to him. … Continue reading

The Finale :: He Liked It So He Put A Ring On It

This was our song when we first started getting to know each other. Every time I hear it, I am instantly traveling back in time to those first giddy weeks. The lyrics are right on the money too. I love this song. Okay, so back to the story on we got engaged. He got pretty … Continue reading

He Liked It So He Put A Ring On It

Yeah….that’s not gonna be my jam anymore. Why? Easy. I’m engaged. That’s right. I’m engaged. A ton of you guys have been asking so here’s the story of how it happened. That’s right. This bad boy now sits on my finger. Isn’t it gorgeous?! I named him Bonzai Bling. I don’t know why my engagement … Continue reading

Goodbye, 30. Hello, 31.

Dear 30,

Today is my last day with you. Tomorrow, I will be with 31. Technically, that’s when the 30’s really start. If that is true, then I can say I shut the door to my 20’s on the best note I can think of with you.

Love and Sanrio

Know what love is? Love is me sitting on the couch watching the Raiders win against…whatever loser team was playing this past weekend with Clyde (GO, RAIDERS!!!! I know crap about football but that’s another story for another day). Love is me giggling like a retard when he mighty morphs into AngrySportsFreakClyde and his event … Continue reading